Brasserie Lipp: 20 Years-20 Oysters-20 CHF!

For some weird reason, the Brasserie Lipp is one of my favorite restaurants in Zürich. And I say “weird” because the food isn’t particularly outstanding; in fact, more often than not, I get the impression that each individual components of any particular dish have been carefully weighed to ensure the largest possible gross margin. And the prices are pretty outrageous as well..

But it remains one of the best places to eat fresh seafood in Switzerland’s financial capital, so a regular visit is inevitable (I’m pretty certain Vic would NOT forgive me if we ever cancelled our yearly autumnal Dad+Daughter Shopping Spree cum Plate of Whelks…)!

And as it happens, the Brasserie Lipp is currently celebrating its 20th year of existence and, amongst other special propositions, is offering

20 No 4 Oysters for 20 Swiss Francs


August 31, 2010!

Time to make a quick visit to Zürich, I’d say!

For example Lunch? Today? 8O

First Day…

For many kids in northern Switzerland, today is the first day back at school. They won’t have slept a wink, spending most of the night worrying about the “new kids” and fretting over the possibility that their alarm clock may just not ring.

But for two of them, this morning will never be forgotten.

They’ve officially joined the Rat Race.

Good luck babes: only 9’400 and 9’200 days to go before you’re pensioned! :hrhr:


Me: “Hey Vic: TGIF!!!”

Vic: “Haaaa?”

Me: “TGIF!!”

Vic: “Errmm..”

Me: “C’mon, Vic: T-G-I-F. Thank God It’s…”

Vic: “Weekend?”


Vic is an Ecological Terrorist

So Vic encountered her first taste of the Law today..

After having had lunch in the park she simply and conveniently discarded her empty plastic salad bowl behind a wall (“[..] where a mountain of other garbage had accumulated anyway [..]“).

And was subsequently pounced upon by an (undercover) member of the local police. Who proceeded to admonish her in a patronizing and totally non-educational way before handing her a fine for CHF 50.00.

I believe she’s learned a lesson: she declared that she would NEVER EVER chuck ANYTHING on the floor again and would ALWAYS look for a bin, even if it meant she had to walk a mile.

….then she asked if we would pay her fine…. :evil:

Amazing Vic

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Viiiiiiiiiiiic, in concert, liiiiiive from Zurzach:

The Symbolic of Outsourcing

I don’t know about yours, but my kids have a couple of habits that drive me up the wall.

One of them consists of disappearing with the towel from the downstairs bathroom after having taken a shower.

This bathroom is not just any bathroom, you have to know: it is MINE, my very own personal sanctuary, the only place in the house where I can retreat for a couple of hours minutes to contemplate World Affairs, write poetry or partake in “other” activities.

As I am a generous kind of fellow (and unfortunately host the family shower), I naturally and gracefully provide my minions access to my abode.

But as mentioned above, my philantrophy is challenged more often than not..

Vic was the latest offender, today, but as she is still crutch-clad and would have required an absolutely tremendous physical effort to climb the stairs and retrieve a distinctly soggy towel from her room, she decided to outsource this task to her boyfriend who just happened to be standing there.

The result?



DBW’s comment?

You should be happy he did it in the first place!

Maybe I’m too Swiss….. :(