Frequent Traveller?

So close, I’m sooo damn close!

After having jetted back and forth to London this Spring on various Sarah-related missions, I was thrilled when, having received my Swiss Air Lines Miles & More account overview today, I was informed that, with just a little bit of effort, I could achieve my long sought-after Frequent Traveller status!!


Not to sure what benefits this includes, though. But never mind; take a look at this status bar:

I am soo close!!

And the remaining effort is pretty reasonable, I’d say:

I can already smell the sweet scent of success!

First Day…

For many kids in northern Switzerland, today is the first day back at school. They won’t have slept a wink, spending most of the night worrying about the “new kids” and fretting over the possibility that their alarm clock may just not ring.

But for two of them, this morning will never be forgotten.

They’ve officially joined the Rat Race.

Good luck babes: only 9’400 and 9’200 days to go before you’re pensioned! :hrhr:

Sarah, Day #3

“Can I stay a bit longer?”

I believe we would have got seriously wrecked that evening if it hadn’t been a Wednesday! :woot:

Sarah, Day #2

“I am VERY miserable, VERY home sick and want you to know that I have enough money to buy a ticket back home!!”

Houston, we have a problem!

Emergency call with Jo and Andy, Dad-talk to the girl herself.

Tomorrow is another day…

Sarah, Day #1

I’m miserable, home sick and I want to come home!

Sorry, We’re Closed!

I wish I would have known that you can visit the Transport for London web site and check out service disruptions BEFORE I booked a hotel on the Jubilee line…which was closed this weekend.

Sarah wishes she would have known that there is NO WAY you will get anyway near a London pub (after 17:00) before you are officially 18.

Life sucks.. :lol: