12 Years..

Frequent Traveller?

So close, I’m sooo damn close!

After having jetted back and forth to London this Spring on various Sarah-related missions, I was thrilled when, having received my Swiss Air Lines Miles & More account overview today, I was informed that, with just a little bit of effort, I could achieve my long sought-after Frequent Traveller status!!


Not to sure what benefits this includes, though. But never mind; take a look at this status bar:

I am soo close!!

And the remaining effort is pretty reasonable, I’d say:

I can already smell the sweet scent of success!

Checked Through!!

“Yes, madam: I can confirm it. Your luggage IS checked all the way through to Santorini’s Thira airport.”

The woman at Zürich‘s check-in counter then proceeded to stare at us, eyebrows very raised, as if daring us to question the vital piece of information she had so kindly confirmed…again.

So when we arrived in Athens, knowing we had a leisurely three hours to before our connecting flight was due to leave, we unsuspectedly looked for the transit signs.

Which, for some reason, we didn’t locate

But we did suddenly find ourselves in the luggage reclaim hall. And as I was due to refill my nicotine tanks and there just happened to be a pit stop just right there, I couldn’t think of a better 3-minute occupation for the girls than send them to watch other passengers luggage being reunited with their relieved owners.

NOT A Transit sign!

And besides: despite that lady’s eyebrows, I still had this weird feeling….

So off they went, surprisedly enthralled by my brilliant idea, before returning 150 seconds later with our three suitcases and a puzzled look on their faces.

We then proceeded to pass the customs, head back to a check-in desk, re-deposit our luggage, exhorted a confirmation and a stern look from yet another lady, before sailing through security where, after successfully confusing a security agent about the validity of bringing a liter of (liquid) duty free back airside, we were ready to relax.

Ok: most probably we would only have had to wait a day for our stuff to arrive (and I’ve heard that Greek toothbrushes are not so bad). But I promised myself to go pluck someone’s eyebrows when we got back!

Thanks Austrian…

If I could have chosen just one flight over the last couple of months where I would have LOVED to check-in online it would have been tomorrow’s 07:00 to Vienna..

Nice one Austrian!! :evil:

A Hero Retires

Capt. Chesley Sullenberger, of “Miracle on the Hudson” fame, retired today.

A guy whose paw I’d definitely like to shake!

Godspeed, Sully!

EasyJet to Help Pope Cut Costs on UK Visit

Following reports today, and a Downing Street petition, that the Pope’s trip to the UK is expected to cost the Vatican and the UK tax payer in excess of £20million, easyJet, Europe’s leading low-fares airline, has offered to help reduce travel costs and fly the Pope from Rome to the UK and back for free.

easyJet can offer his holiness a choice of routes from Rome to airports across the UK and a whole new experience of low-fares travel. His holiness will be able to check in online, take advantage of the airline’s generous hand baggage allowance, sit back and enjoy the excellent customer service from our friendly cabin crew. In addition the airline will also include free speedy boarding, to enable his holiness to be amongst the first to board the aircraft and have a choice of seats.

Usually fares for flights between the UK and Rome start from £ 24.99 one way / £46.65 return, which is substantially cheaper than the Pope’s normal choice of traditional airline, however easyJet is offering to fly the Pope for free on this occasion as we are confident that once he has tried easyJet, his holiness will never look back.

The airline has today contacted the Holy Press Office in Rome to extend the invitation and is currently awaiting a response.

Pretty generous offer if you ask me! And added to that, I heard that they’re also throwing in a free orange flight attendant’s jacket!