New Toy..

We travel a lot.

And more often than not, wherever we happen to be, we need would really appreciate having a laptop with us.

Our ThinkPads are great. Great, but BIG. And besides the fact that mine should only be used for business purposes (which, admit it, is rarely the case when you’re on holiday, apart if you just happen to own a corporate-sponsored Blackberry that is) and DBW’s is too “precious” to even be removed from its docking station, an alternative Internet Access/Farmville Player/Pic Uploader device was more than due.

Enter the Acer/eMachines eM250..

  • Intel Atom processor N270 1.6GHz 10.1″ LED LCD
  • 1GB DDR2 Memory / 250GB Hard Drive
  • 802.11b/g Wireless LAN
  • Multi-in-1 card reader
  • Webcam with microphone
  • Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
  • Windows 7 Starter
  • Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express Chipset
  • 1025 x 600 display

A GREAT little machine that covers exactly every expectation I had, including

  1. 3 hours+ battery life
  2. WIFI access even when I happen to be hanging around outside
  3. Decent display
  4. Responsive TouchPad

Currently available at MediaMarkt for CHF 299.00!

A Simple Test..


Up until now, yours truly was this family’s (self-) appointed court photographer.

There were various reasons for this of course: sheer brilliance, immaculate taste, an eye for details and the assurance that I, myself, would never appear on any photos.

And now DBW has decided to make an appearance on the art scene. Using only a Sony TX1, she managed to produce the following pics during her recent trip to London:

[nggallery id=25]

Methinks it’s time to buy a VERY large hat!! ;-(

It’s In Times Like These..

It’s in times like these, when your soul-mate is in London, taking care of your eldest’s morale; when your youngest is at her boyfriend’s, taking care of HIS morale, when your alone at home, within the usual surroundings, the same walls, the same pics on the wall, smiling towards you as usual.

It’s in times like this when you realise what you have, what you have achieved, what dreams came true: you’ve brought up two healthy, beautiful, conscientious. drug-free daughters. You’ve met your Love and, 21 years later, still fall in-love with her each and every day, through thick and thin. And you miss them all like crazy.

A Moan..

Ah, the good old days!