Swiss Innovation

Had to come sooner or later!

I mean: how could housewives ever have managed without a GPS Navigation System for their Hoover?

Thank-you, Migros! :hrhr:

This Evening’s Bloggy Friday: Worth the Effort?

bloggyfridaySo what if some evil criminal decided to make a fast buck and kidnap the participants of tonight’s Bloggy Friday in Zürich?

Would it be worth the effort?

Well, one might not be able to retire, but, according to the net worth of each individual site as computed by, CHF 563’211.60 would sure help financing a couple of end-of-month expenditures.. :ninja:

Net Worth per Site
+ US$ 228’781.20
US$ 130’616.60
CHF 64’411.55
CHF 52’139.88
€ 19’135.59
US$ 12’081.90
CHF 7’415.57
CHF 563’211.60

Please note: you can quite easily ignore the very last entry! xD

EasyJet – Beating the System

As previously mentioned, due to Siberian-like weather conditions three weeks ago, our two flights to London with EasyJet were cancelled and we were offered a refund.

Claim #1, including our lost hotel room booking, was submitted using their online customer services form. A problem ticket number was received within a couple of minutes followed by a mail, 3 days later, confirming their intention to reimburse the full amount.

Claim #2 was originally submitted using the link provided via the cancellation mail. As no ticket number was returned, a week later I re-submitted the claim via the above-mentioned form and was duly treated to the (ticket) number I had sought after. And today I received the reimbursement confirmation mail for the second amount.

The moral of this story? Simple and pretty obvious: when dealing with a helpdesk or customer service organisation, ALWAYS make sure your issue is referenced via a ticket number.

“Oh why didn’t I request a problem ticket?”

This not only means that your problem will be handled accordingly; it also means that it will officially become subject to quality management, and quality is all it’s about, right? :angel:

Something For Everyone

Due to a tight schedule, I treated Vic to a scrumptuous lunch at our local Migros restaurant today (actually, it was one of the worst meals I have lately had to suffer: a microwaved – c’mon, you can’t expect fresh food at 12:50, can you? – minute pork chop and chips laden with a greasy herb butter sauce which turned my intestines into a methane factory for the rest of the afternoon).

As we were escaping leaving the place, Vic noticed the following ad placed strategically next to the elevator:

Get your free gift with every Lilibiggs kid’s menu: a wolly hat, a pair of gloves, a scarf or………….an icecream“.

Someone definitely has a screw loose!

Business Idea!

Somehow I wish I had thought this one up:

Priceless! :hrhr: