The Symbolic of Outsourcing

I don’t know about yours, but my kids have a couple of habits that drive me up the wall.

One of them consists of disappearing with the towel from the downstairs bathroom after having taken a shower.

This bathroom is not just any bathroom, you have to know: it is MINE, my very own personal sanctuary, the only place in the house where I can retreat for a couple of hours minutes to contemplate World Affairs, write poetry or partake in “other” activities.

As I am a generous kind of fellow (and unfortunately host the family shower), I naturally and gracefully provide my minions access to my abode.

But as mentioned above, my philantrophy is challenged more often than not..

Vic was the latest offender, today, but as she is still crutch-clad and would have required an absolutely tremendous physical effort to climb the stairs and retrieve a distinctly soggy towel from her room, she decided to outsource this task to her boyfriend who just happened to be standing there.

The result?



DBW’s comment?

You should be happy he did it in the first place!

Maybe I’m too Swiss….. :(

Desperate Househusbands

  • 06:00 Wakies
  • 06:05 Coffee #1
  • 06:10 Start downloading the latest episode of 24 *
  • 06:20 Bring Rambo to his day mum
  • 06:25 Carry out old paper and cardboard to the side of the road (yes: WE recycle)
  • 06:40 Prepare DBW’s coffee
  • 06:45 Wake up DBW
  • 06:50 Coffee #2
  • 06:54 Burn the first 9 episodes of 24 onto a DVD for a colleague
  • 06:55 Prepare kids’ Latte Macchiatos and ice teas for lunch **
  • 07:00 Shower
  • 07:05 Shave
  • 07:10 Dress
  • 07:15 Make bed
  • 07:20 Drive kids to school (exceptional as Vic is currently on crutches)
  • 08:00 Drive on to work

Ah, I remember the days when I would be up and out in the space of 15 minutes…. *SIGH!* Don’t you just LOVE emancipation?

* Nope it’s NOT illegal in Switzerland..
** Ok: DBW cooked the kids lunch while I was showering, but that’s kind of normal, no? :whistle:

One Day…

Sarah Billboard


Right: I’m Going on a Diet!!

Had to bring something to Vic who is spending the evening with her boyfriend, today.

So I drove into town and parked in front of our vet’s house (who happens to be the said boyfriend’s Mum) and rang the doorbell.

Of course, as teenagers NEVER open (unless they’re alone and dressed), Mum appeared bearing a large grin (she always does that when she sees me; wonder what she knows which I don’t..).

We chatted for a while, and as Vic hadn’t arrived yet, she summoned her offspring, turned to me and said:

Oh come on in, Rollmops!

I stared at her, my mouth wide open and was just about to acknowledge her generous offer when this big fat dog appeared out of the dark, shuffled past me and entered what was obviously his home.

I am DEFINITELY going on a diet! On Monday

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It…Bugger!!

Oh the joy of owning a 110 square meter driveway!

It was an investment, you know.

One day, once DBW actually bribes finds an official who is fool hearted enough to provide her with a driving license, we will have loads of space to park her “cinquecento“. Not mentioning Sarah and her Audi or Vic and her Velosolex. Methinks there should even be a little bit left over for my very own Aston Martin.

Just have to find a way of outsourcing the removal of that seasonal white sticky stuff..


Aston Martin pilots are very rarely caught cleaning their driveways at 06:15 in the morning.