Whassup 2008

Remember the “Whassup” Budweiser commercial?

First aired on December 20 1999 it soon achieved cult status and was followed by numerous parodies featuring grannies, rabbis and even …the Teletubbies.

Ever wondered what happened to the original five friends, what they are up to nine years later?

Exactly! Whassup?


Most business hotels offer some perk or another.

Some provide a bathrobe and slippers (let’s not mention the “luxury bathroom amenities” again, will we?). Others might even slip a free newspaper under your door, but I must admit that I had never ever seen this one before:

A duck, a rubber duck delicately poised on a shelf in the bathroom!

It truely made my day! :love:


Dear “Faith Tones”,

I am absolutely thrilled! Not only to receive a copy of your latest opus, but to be blessed by your divinely generous and virtuous offer:

For a moment I really thought I would go for it; alas, mainly due to conflicting duties (you can imagine what it’s like up here: chaos, pure chaos), but also my total incapacity to choose only one of you three cherubims, I regret to inform you that I will momentarily be incapable of honoring your proposition.

May I take advantage of this missive to add that I am now well stocked with chocolate, complimentary bathroom articles and fluffy toys and would respectfully suggest donating the financial aspect of your devotion to a needy cause.

Thanks anyway,



Quote of the Day

Vic: “Hey Dad: can you pick me up at the station at 20:30?”

Dad: “I don’t yet, Mouse. I can’t promise anything, so if I’m not there start walking”

Vic: “And how will I know if you’re there?”


Worldwide Air Traffic

A fascinating video produced by the Zürich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) which depicts worldwide (civilian) air traffic over a 24 hour period:

Check the shadow for the time of day in the various locations!