530 Steps

How does one feel after having climbed 530 steps up to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral?

I think Sarah was pretty much ok… :-)

Interested in an Upgrade, Sir?

As I checked in to my (company-sponsored) hotel this afternoon, the receptionist was quick to point out that:

“Your rate doesn’t include breakfast, sir.”

Followed by a

“Would you be interested in a special upgrade which includes full English breakfast and a complimentary fruit bowl in your room, sir? For the modest amount of £35, sir?”

Hmmm, I thought, pretty reasonable…

“Per week?”, I ventured.
“Per night, sir”, he replied
“Maybe not”, I decided

Of course, the package would have included a bathrobe and slippers (which I dearly missed throughout my stay), a daily newspaper (I was regretting my decision already) and “LUXURY BATHROOM AMENITIES” (an extra bar of soap WOULD have been nice); but I remained disciplined, remembering who had to approve my expenses.

The fact that I learned that our company benefited from a special £9.95 “all-inclusive” breakfast deal the next day did finally help soften the blow! ;-)

Fringe Benefits

One of the greatest things about our family: even if we don’t get to see each other that often, (and none of us is really conscientious when it comes to keeping in touch), when we DO meet up, it’s as if time had stopped since our last reunion.

Actually, judging by the number of babies and the receding hairlines, maybe it WAS a while after all…. ;-)

Adrenaline-Pumped Kids

We’ve brought up our daughters to be happy with the little things in life.

A trip to London with Dad (who is on business anyway)?

WTF: always stay cool..

Kids on EPO

Bl**dy Typical

Why is it that whenever we plan to go anywhere for a couple of days, one of the kids suddenly decides to get ill?

Do I really have to be proud of owning the largest collection of travel guides about places we have never actually visited?

Sorry Sarah, I know you feel rotten, and as they say: “this will hurt you more than it hurts me“, but you’re going to inhale and inhale and inhale even if it’s the last thing you do!

Miss Afghanistan

Besides, that “Miss Afghanistan” look kind of suits you! :twisted: