The Bumpkins Come to Town

As previously posted, we invaded Baden this evening.

Two, then three of us.

Practically 33% of the total amount of Brightys living in Switzerland were united in a single place with a single goal: Fish!!

But: that’s another story….

The whole event wouldn’t have been a post worth if it hadn’t been for the last 5 minutes…

Picture this:

  • yours truly, our eldest and DBW standing in front of the parking ticket machine
  • said machine requires exactly CHF 1.50 in exchange for our release
  • I managed to scrape up CHF 1.30 from the depths of my wallet
  • knowing that DBW stole all my remaining change in order to finance Sarah’s next lunch I turn to her with a “knowing” smile
  • DBW shrugs her shoulders and explains that she NEVER carries her wallet around when I’m around (figures: no driving license, private chauffeur, who happens to own a couple of credit cards.. what a Life….) Anyway..
  • We turn to Sarah who, as usual, is broke.
  • CHF 0,20
  • Basically nothing.
  • If you’ve got it.
  • At that precise moment, Sarah delivers us from our impending misery with a

“Oh: I might just happen to have some change at the bottom of my bag”

  • And proceeds to empty said bag’s contents onto the floor and digs out, YES, a CHF 0,20 coin!!!!!!!!

Bless her! I love my kids. I REALLY do!

Note to self: reduce ROI expectations on Sarah by CHF 0,40.

Quote of the Week

We nipped down to Baden this evening to check out the fish department in our “local” Manor.

And as Sarah was due to take the train home from Baden at approx 17:30, we decided to spare her the ride and offered her the unique possibility of being ferried home in style:

Moi: Meet us at 17:30 in the Manor food section, ok?

Sarah: Roger!

At 17:36 the unmistakable “Gangsta Paradise” ringtone brought my cell phone out of hibernation:

Sarah: Hey: were ARE you guys?

Moi: I dropped Mum off about 10 minutes ago before searching for a place to park; she should be there by now. Where are you?

Sarah: Oh: in the makeup department. Have to get a new eyeliner….

No further comment, your honour..

Quote of the Week


Somehow I always manage to make turn as red as a potato!

Yes, darling! :lol:

Run For Cover!!

Would be quite amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic..

And it’s NOT a fake. Although the thread has since been deleted, it can still be retrieved from the cache.

Wish We Would Have Done That..

Every year since 1976 the Goldberg family has taken a portrait photo of each family member on June 17th.

Fascinating! And, as mentioned in this thread’s title, something I wish we would have done ourselves! :-(

And here they are: