Sure Not Forgotten..

16 years?

Still hurts!

To Tom, Dani and All You Other Bluffers….

You get over 1’000 Kb/s download rates, right?

And you’re pretty damn proud about it, right?

Think again…

That’s 674 Mb in 84 seconds..

Let’s Test Nespresso’s Service – Go Ahead, Make My Day..

A quick call to the Nespresso service desk basically warranted the following answer:

Oh, I don’t know: maybe you should call Koenig (our machine’s manufacturer).

DBW’s reply?

I prefer NOT to publish it here.

But to cut a long story short: faxing the guarantee finally did the trick….

What else?

Let’s Test Nespresso’s Service – The Return

Our Nespresso machine arrived back today by the same way it had originally departed. :-)

Cum a CHF. 170.00 invoice! :-(

DBW hit the roof…

Download Videos from YouTube in AVI

Ever wanted to download videos from YouTube for further offline viewing?

There are actually several solutions readily available for doing just this, but the end-result usually ends up being a SWF, i.e. Flash file.

So what about AVI, a format which is recognised by most media players including hardware DivX appliances?


AVIs on the fly..

Simply enter the URL to video you wish to download, click on “Start” and that’s about it!

Brilliant stuff..