Hey: I kinda look extremely good as a Simpson:

Homer Brighty

What about you?

SVP: Heaven or Hell?

On October 21, 2007 the Swiss population will be electing a new federal parliament.

Swiss voters will elect all 200 members of the House and 44 of the 46 members of the Senate.

There is no national ballot. Strictly speaking, the federal election consists of 26 cantonal elections held on the same day. Voters are only allowed to vote for candidates in the canton where they are officially registered. Candidates run in one canton only.

The 4 major parties in this country (and as such represented in the Federal Council) are the Christian Democrats (CVP/PDC), the Social Democrats (SPS/PSS), the Liberal Democrats (FDP/PRD) and the Swiss People’s Party (SVP/UDC).

The latter is the most right-wing of the four, steadfastidly defending patriotic values until the bitter end…and by all means. And so, every four years, we are treated to the most unambiguous campaign, such as this year’s:


You’ll certainly have gotten the message: let’s kick the “black sheep” out of our country, the said sheep being criminal foreigners.

I wouldn’t call myself a leftie, nor do I support the building of minarets in Swiss villages (forcing “integration” down people’s throats is not the solution; it only causes EVEN MORE dissent and prejudices).

But I can’t help feeling that the SVP (UDC in the French-speaking part) just went a little overboard with the following video – which has since been removed from their web site by court order:

Note the transition between heaven (Himmel) and hell (Hölle): Joseph G. would have been proud of you!

P.S. And why was the video banned may you ask?

My Faith in IMDB…

…Is slowely waivering…

Until know, I would regularly check-out the Internet Movie Database before watching a movie.

What better place is there to get an honest review than a place which is visited by millions of people on a daily basis?

And the ratings were pretty accurate.. With an emphasis on “were”.

We just watched a pretty awful movie last night; it was one of those sequels I had really been looking forward to for a while. I mean, I actually purchased my first DVD player in order to watch Lethal Weapon 4 (6.3/10). And it was well worth the money back then.

But I don’t think I would have been so enthralled with my new toy if I had made the same investment for Die Hard 4.0.

#1 was just fabulous (and I constantly find myself falling asleep in front of the late-night reruns even though we own a copy), #2 was different, but equally entertaining, #3 was great.

#4, sorry 4.0 was crap. Sure there was a story, and it featured John McClane (as well as the Mac Guy), and he did utter “Yippie Ki Yay”, but that was about it. The incessant boomb, boomb, booms must have addled my brain. Or the bit where he jumps from a crumbling bridge onto a fighter plane (yeah, right..).

7.9/10 (before I gave it a 4) on

Think I’ll stick to Grey’s Anatomy and Prison Break;-)

We’re Dumb..and Want to Help Others Be..Dumb..

I’ve never quite understood why beauty pagents insist on challenging their contestant’s intellect.

It’s all about BEAUTY, for god’s sake!

Souh Carolina’s Lauren Caitlin Upton is gorgeous and definitely gets my vote!

20%?!? Jeeeezzz….

Why Bother?

Sometime, but really just sometimes, as I’m sitting here wondering what the heck I could write about, I think about that great campaign for WattWorld electric bikes:





Why bother, indeed? :-(