Montezuma’s Revenge

As mentioned in my previous post, the reason for our recent diet can be found in the fact that Pina caught an intestinal blug within a couple of hours of arriving at her parents in deepest Italy.

And naturally she spent the rest of her week down there in an entremely uncomfortable condition which, coupled with an average of 46 degrees centigrade during the day and 34 during the night, turned out to be the kind of holidays you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy.

After 48 hours of seeing her rapidly dehydrate added to the fact that the medecine she had been prescribed was totally ineffective (maybe due to the fact that, until that moment, no doctor had seen her and her dad had simply popped round to the local hospital to pick up a remedy or two), her sister contacted the TCS, (one of Switzerland’s automobile association’s) in order to get her shipped back home asap.

In turn, they passed her case onto the REGA (the Swis air-ambulance service) who coordinated the situation from then on. And did so in the most brilliant of ways!

  1. Got in touch with the above-mentioned hospital to discuss her case
  2. Organized a doctor to pass by, check her out and prescribe appropriate medication.
  3. Made sure that a nurse went by an a daily basis to stick some liters of Ringer’s Lactate into her (by then her kidneys were already rebelling from the lack of liquid).

And although she already had a flight back booked on Wednesday (via Rome) they did everything possible to find a direct connection. As the earliest possibility would have been on the following Sunday, she passed.

The cherry on the cake was provided an hour after she had successfully reached home last Wednesday when the TCS rung us to ask if she had made it in one piece.

Totally brilliant! And that for CHF 93.00 per year.

So: guess who instisted on catching up on all the local food she had missed once she felt better again… Naturally, as we are a very close family, we immediately supported her project and assisted her in every possible way! ;-)

Aliens II: The Return

Aliens are delicious!


And since we had already caught and devored their children, we decided to go ahead and enjoy the parents tonight:

Carpaccio di Polpo

Carpaccio di Polpo: an absolute first for our family’s stomachs, but all agreed that it was fantastic!

This was followed by a Mussel Casserole in a White Wine Sauce:


Heaven! The kids stared at us with eyes which could only mean “Wot? That’s ALL?”.

There is a reason for this seafood orgy, of course. And it involves Pina, Montezuma’s Revenge, the TCS, the REGA and a strong desire to catch up on lost moments.

Stay posted for more!


Guess what we’re eating tonight…



Download (German) Computer Books F.O.C

Galileo Computing has just opened some of their (oldish) titles for direct downloading.

Check them out here!

Action Stations!

“Mum” is on her way home.

Dishwasher is empty: done. Beds are made: yep. Kid’s bedrooms are tidy: Vic, perfect; Sarah, aaaargh! You’ve got an hour!! Dog has food and water: check. Nothing rotten left in fridge: ok. Front entrance swept: done.

Perfect, I thought..

But just as I was about to leave, I noticed I’d forgotten to trim the grass under the swinging sofa. Oh well…