Mc Pervert?

Seen at lunch today at my local Golden Arches:


For those of you with poor eyesight, the sign reads:

Happy Meal

And I thought you simply had to purchase a Happy Meal to get a present.. :-(

Off To The Sun..

T’was 4 degrees centigrade when we left this morning (see darling: NOW you know why I still have the winter tyres on)..

4 degrees! At the end of May!! Ok: so at least we weren’t snowed-in this weekend such as some poor buggers who had decided to go for a brisk hike in the Berner Oberland.

But still: 4 degrees! So my mind started drifting on the way to work and I wondered just how easy it would be to drive on and on and on and end up somewhere warm; Miami, for example.

Well, the itinerary is all set. All I’ve now got to do is purchase a mattress (as recommended for leg 23 of the trip) and off I go!

Bad Hair Day

When some people have a long weekend, they do something adventurous: go hicking, climb a mountain, visit their mouther-in-law.

Others…vegetate. ;-)

Sorry, Sarah!

The Nicest Thing..

The nicest thing anyone has said to me today (or for the last six months for that matter..):

You’re an a**hole, but you’re MY a**hole and that’s what makes you so special..

I love you, Mouse!

“Geiz ist Geil!”

Everybody goes shopping over the border, EVERYBODY! :-)