Joyeux Anniversaire, Gaston!

50 years old today!

Another living proof that, by resisting stress, it is possible to look younger than you are! Wink

Back To The Roots

So we nipped down to Geneva for the weekend.

Great to be back there again; especially due to the fact that my Best Man finally joined the League of Fine Old Gentlemen and his better half thought it might soften the blow by presenting the living proof that you could be old(er) and still good looking… BTW: he’s Scottish, so your newly-acquired Irish passport won’t help you at all!

T’was a trek, of course: every single Bernese had decided to take Grannie out for a Saturday drive which led to massive traffic jams and ran riot with my bladder (still, I nearly got to see Herzogenbuchsee…from behind the bush I chose to fertilise in a moment of desperate need).

As we had more time on our hands than we every had hoped for, the discussion soon veared towards the inevitable: what do I miss about the Suisse Romande? It was a truely heart-wrenching moment as I attempted to come up with something meaningful other than:

  • Pommes Allumettes
  • Silivri Lemon Yoghurts
  • Petit Patés Vaudois au Jambon
  • Salades de Gésiers au Vinaigre de Framboise
  • That place near Champel which did the best Poulet à l’Estragon
  • The Molignon’s Entrcôte aux Morrilles

Errm, and the Jet d’Eau of course, and that wall with the four wise men, the flower clock, and…and..the rest of the stuff which is still there and sponsor-free.

Need I mention that we took the “long way back”, i.e. via Gruyère (because a certain person wanted to replenish her stock of Double Crème) and ended up in a micro-blizzard so common to that area at this time of the year?

Thanks for the warm welcome Cathy and Peter: look forward to meeting up again in a couple of weeks!

And for Nico and Myron: this is a Petit Paté au Jambon: