Help!! My Eldest Is Turning Into Paris Hilton!!

Me: Sarah, make your bed, ok?

Sarah: Why? What do we have a cleaning lady for?


*Initializing Maximum Teenager Education Overdrive*

10 Postless Days!!

And why, may well you ask?

Well: for one, I was left alone for a week.. Yep, Pina abandoned me and took off for a week of sun!

Everything was fully under control, of course: every morning I diligently dropped the dog off to school and the kids to their day-mum.

And I nearly managed to get home, as promised, before 19:00 every day (+/- 8 days).

And I cooked delicious meals for my kids (twice).

And spent quality time discussing such deep subjects as “Why are boys so stupid?”

And when, after serving up a gourmet dinner last Sunday, Sarah looked at me with sheep’s eyes and uttered: “When is Mum coming home?”, I knew I had failed. Miserably.

But I survived! Wink


I was checking out the Swiss Teletext (a.k.a. Ceefax for you Brits) and on this page..

..I noticed this ad for the Volkswagen Touran:

Yep: “Sie sparen Fr. 0.-” does mean “you save Fr. 0.-”

FYI: VW is currently attempting to raise the number of their employees’ working hours/week from 35 to 40 in an attempt to become profitable again.

May I suggest they get rid of their advertising team first? Wink

Here’s To You, Freddie!

31 years ago, a singer gave the tape of a song to DJ friend informing him that it was for him personally, and that he must never play it on air. The song ended up being played up to fourteen times in the same day although it was nearly 6 minutes long!

The DJ was Kenny Everett.

The song was Bohemian Rhapsody and became the second most played song on British radio.

The singer would have celebrated his 60th birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Freddie!