The End of Peer-To-Peer?

Universal Music announced this week that, as of December 2006 and in order to fight pirating and peer-to-peer programs, they will be offering 50% of their catalog free-of-charge.

I first thought it sounded like a case of “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

But then:

  • You’ll have to listen to publicity for 90 seconds before starting your download
  • The sound files will “auto-destroy” after 6 months

Hmmm… I wonder what they’ll come up with when this idea fails? Rolling Eyes

Just An Idea..

I had this absolutely brilliant idea today:

How about setting up a Home Cinema? I mean, all you need is a surround system (which we already have), a beamer and a large white wall….

So I went surfing….and found exactly what I was looking for!


A guy called Steve Jenkins spent nearly two years transforming his basement into a dream.

And as I am extremely family minded, I think I’ll do the same! Wink

What did you say darling? Darling? Put that down! *Runs for cover*


Oh did I enjoy my Saturday morning! Very Happy

Had to bring the “aupairmobile” back to the garage as, although I had been hoping that Pina would end up using it, by the time she finally manages to acquire a license the Earth’s crude oil reserves will probably have dried up!

There’s this thing about bringing a car to the garage, though: unless you request a colleague/neighbour’s time – “hi: as you probably have nothing better to do on a Saturday morning, how about…” – how do you get back from the garage, especially when it’s 45 minutes away?

The answer is simple:

Pina had actually planned the whole thing out for me:

  • Train leaves at 10:17
  • Change at Lenzburg
  • Change at Turgi
  • Change at Koblenz
  • Home at 11:30, just in time to start revising French with Vic


I cunningly packed a new book and looked forward to the adventure!

The first part of the journey was uneventful: I gracefully lept from one train to the other, leaving behind a passenger desperately trying to convince these two beefy controllers that no, she didn’t know that only kids pay half price..

I had 10 minutes to spare in Turgi (until 10:59); so I deposited my derrière on a bench and, basking in the morning sun, immersed myself in my book…….

I was pretty astonished when I suddenly heard church bells tolling at 11:00, and the look on my face upon seeing my train disappearing into the distance must have been priceless.

Nevertheless I’m a pretty stoical chap; so I went off to look up the next connection, carefully noted it’s departure time (yessss: another 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading) and repossessed my bench in the sun.

Needless to say: I was so engrossed in my novel that even the sound of a train wouldn’t have bothered me! Which it didn’t 30 minutes later….

Luckily enough Vic called me at 11:55 (“Dad, your train is arriving in 5 minutes; remember to get onto it this time!”) so I finally arrived home 2 hours and a quarter after having setted out.

Good book, though.. Wink

Pigging Out 2: The Return

We nipped over to our local Pizzeria this afternoon to pick up some Cannellonis we had ordered.

Last time I was there, I had noticed that they were offering various dishes with Porcini, a fact I mentioned to Pina on the way there.

Her eyes immediately lit up and, upon entering the local, she made a bees-line towards the chef, turned on her deer’s eyes and initiated her (expected) tirade: “ooooh-I-noticed-you’ve-got-Porcinis-do-you-also-sell-them-seperately-oh-please-please-please”..

To our utter astonishment, “yes” was the answer, and for €20/kilo!!!!!

Needless to add: we purchased a kilo on the spot and spent the evening enjoying Porcini Carpaccio, Porcini Salad and Tagliatelle con Porcini!

Must I add that a quick dump to the local compost revealed yet another crop of Zucchini flowers? Razz

A Fig’s Story

When we purchased our house two years ago, it came with a beautiful fig tree bearing one solitary fig.

Last year it sprouted a couple more (apparently fig trees are very sociable plants which enjoy seeing a human every now and then), but, due to climatical considerations, we didn’t really expect it to offer more than a decorative addition to our garden.

Maybe we gave up too prematurely, though: this is what we found today..

Yeaah! Only three more and everyone will get a taste! Wink