Aren’t Kids Great?

So you send your daughter off to buy a winter jacket and some furry boots.

I mean: she’s 13 after all and knows exactly what to get!

And this is what she comes back with:

Isn’t she sweet? Shocked

Coldest Winter Of The Last 50 Years?

Just heard on the news this evening that this winter could be the coldest of the last 50 years!

Oooh, am I looking forward..

Maybe just enough time to make my usual statement:


Oh, I wish!

On the way home, grabbed a couple of things to brighten up Pina’s evening after a grueling day’s work:



The “kids” took one look at them and.. * GROMPF *, t’was gone!

Oh, I wish they were just like normal children and would stick to sweet sticky stuff and pasta with tomato sauce.. Sad