Movie of the Week


First Snow!

Yep! 1st time I drove home with a clenched sphincter tonight!

The surface temperature wasn’t cold enough for the stuff to stick, but everybody still insisted on driving at 80 Km/h on the freeway..

Winter tyres won’t be there until Monday, so Snow: stick to the mountains will ya?

And BTW: if there is someone out there who could explain why the tyres I ordered in Germany will end up costing half as much as over here, I’d sure love to know!

Beg Your Pardon?

Oh the joys of foreign travel!

This place has probably the biggest collection of signs / instructions / anything written in the “Engrish” language.

Engrish? Well, primarily a Japanese interpretation of the English language, but this material is now available all over the world!

Just an example; try to guess what product these instructions are for:



Times change…